20 minutes tanning
20 minutes Lumagen™

26 Body Lamps – staggered design
14 Canopy – 100 watt Wolff® lamps
12 Bench – 100 watt Wolff® lamps
Facials: 6 x Lumalite™ C installed
(6 x DermaSun™ included)

Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe       Bio-techTM tunnel design
Extended, curved 7 ft. tanning surface
Exclusively designed acrylic sheets
High Impact EnduraPlus™ exterior
Specially glossed aluminum reflectors

High Tech Digital timer
Digital security timer to monitor standard timer

Quick Clip™ acrylic removal system
Hour meter function in timer
Completely wireless T-Max® Compatible

Superflow internal cooling system
Advanced after tan cooling system
87.75" L x 35" W x 48" H
Recommended room size: 9'L x 6'W
1-220 Volt dedicated circuit
1-20 AMP circuit breaker
1-20 AMP NEMA #6-20 receptacle

Voltage must be below 230 VAC or may require buck booster.

18 month Bronce Medal® warranty

Lumagen 26C User Manual

Tanning and Skin Beautifying Technology in One Bed!

The new patent pending, ETS Lumagen 26C spa bed combines in-home tanning with cutting edge light technology designed for face and neck beauty treatments. This innovative spa bed features Lumalite C, ruby light bulbs for beautifying and the optional DermaSun anti-bacterial light bulbs that can be used as an alternative to cosmetic blemish creams. You can tan and have your own spa treatment in one fantastic revitalizing unit!

Lumagen light technology can help you look younger, healthier and more refreshed in just 20 minutes a session.

Cosmetic light treatments go for hundreds of dollars per session in many spas. Now, you can use the Lumagen technology and enjoy your own private spa-like experience in your own home, for only pennies a session. And the ETS Lumagen 26C spa bed offers more than 50% more ruby light power than the nearest home tanning competitors’ product!

Get more than a tan!
Your ETS Lumagen 26C spa bed comes equipped with special 21” Lumalite C ruby light non-tanning lamps which are operated separately from the tanning system lights and also the blue, DermaSun non tanning, anti-bacterial lamps. Both of these 21” lamps provide coverage to the face and chest area and allow you to enjoy cosmetic beauty sessions between your tanning sessions as well as during your
tanning sessions.

Benefits of Tanning
Get all the benefits of a gorgeous tan along with a feeling of well being. Magazines and journals have been touting the many positive benefits of moderate exposure to sunlight. Everyone knows sunlight helps produce Vitamin D that is essential for good health and strong bones. Tanning beds
provide UV light as does sunlight, but with tanning beds you are in control, and can tan at your convenience. In addition to UV light, your ETS Lumagen 26C spa bed also enables you to enjoy a beauty regime that may result in the appearance of smoother, younger looking skin through non-invasive light technology.

You can even use the Lumalite C or DermaSun lights without tanning.

Add LumaSkin™ products to your sessions for even better results!

While skin products are not required to achieve excellent results with your Lumagen spa bed, adding our specially developed skin care products will enhance your experience. Using quality creams will improve tanning and Lumalite C and DermaSun lamp results. You can look even more fabulous by adding our specially formulated creams and cleansing products designed to work with the Lumagen technology. LumaSkin is a specially designed skin care regime designed to maximize the effects of the Lumagen sessions.

The 3 Part Process

This simple 3 part process done on a regular basis will help your skin achieve a smoother more youthful appearance and texture.

Step 1 Refine

Double-sided pre-moistened cleansing towelette prepares your skin for the best results of your tanning or skin rejuvenating session. The towelette helps gently remove make-up, oils, sweat, etc. and pre-conditions the skin for receiving Lumagen light and tanning.

Step 2 Repair

Collagen enhancing mask for intensive renewal and improved skin tone. The mask assists in helping to amplify line and wrinkle reduction. This can help your skin appear renewed, repaired, and more youthful.

Step 3 Rebuild

Renewing and restructuring cream that includes a gentle bronze glow. It helps restore and rebuild essential vitamins and nutrients to the skin that are lost through the normal aging process.

Why just tan when you can have beauty treatments as well?

The combination of UV exposure and Lumagen light stimulation can improve your overall mood and sense of well being and can help you maintain a younger and healthier look everyday!

ETS Tanning Beds are ETL tested and
listed for your personal safety and
peace of mind.