The ProSun X10 Series

Models in X10 Series:

ProSun X10 52 SLi High Intensive
52 lamps & 4 facials

ProSun X10 46 SLi High Intensive
46 lamps & 4 facials


The ProSun X10 is the pinnacle of tanning excellence. It packs up to fifty-two 160 and 180-watt lamps, four 500-Watt high pressure facials with HPS technology, and a blazingly fast session maximum of just ten minutes. It comes with attractive features as standard, such as the ContourPLUS comfort acrylic, and the SoundAround system with the MyMP3 personal audio device interface



Aesthetically the X10 is jaw-dropping. It is available in three colors, each of them unique to the X10 series. Decoration on the unit is of a polished chrome material. Also bordered in chrome is the deep blue decorative cover, giving the X10 a unique and flashy look.

The X10 is the ultimate upgrade bed, the one tanners will line up to experience, and come back for again and again. If you want the absolute best for your salon and its patrons, this unit is what you need.


Allow your customers to listen to what they want by plugging their own audio device into the X10. Everyone has unique taste in music, so the X10 comes standard with the MyMP3 interface and the 4.1 speaker SoundAround system, making the bed an even better treat for the senses.

The X10 comes equipped with SmartVoice, which greets the tanner with a prerecorded voice, giving the bed a friendly personality. This system also informs the tanner of any changes in the bed's status, such as facial changes and cooling.

Another standard feature in the X10 is ContourPLUS, an acrylic surface that has been molded to the shape of the human body, in order to maximize comfort while tanning. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable flat surfaces.

More Features

XL Light Extra long 79" lamps are employed in this bed.

HPS High pressure facials use reflective surfaces and blue filters for higher UVB output.

XSens Aromatherapy (option) Aromatherapy option where a fragrance (citrus, ocean, or exotic) is circulated through the bed's fans.

QSens Mist (option) Uses the bed's ventilation system to cool the tanner with a specially formulated fine mist.

Color Choices:

ProSun X10 Series Tanning Bed Specifications
 X10 52 SLi
High Intensive
X10 46 SLi
High Intensive
Canopy Lamps28 × 160 Watts RUVA26 × 160 Watts RUVA
Bench Lamps24 × 180 Watts RUVA20 × 180 Watts RUVA
Facial Lamps4 × 500 Watts4 × 500 Watts
Max. Exposure Time10 Minutes10 Minutes
Step Down Face Tanners4-3-2-1-0 (Standard)3-2-1-0 (Standard)
5-Step Body CoolerStandardStandard
5-Step Facial CoolerStandardStandard
Ventilation HoodStandardStandard
Adjustable CoolingStandardStandard
Loudspeakers (2)StandardStandard
SoundAround with MyMP3StandardStandard
HPS FilterStandardStandard
XSens AromatherapyOptionalOptional
QSens Cooling MistOptionalOptional
LCD Timer DisplayStandardStandard
Programmable Internal TimerStandardStandard
Dual Hour CountersStandardStandard
Power Output Approx.11,860 Watts10,280 Watts
Breaker3 Phase - 50 Amp
Single Phase - 80 Amp
3 Phase - 50 Amp
Single Phase - 70 Amp
Standard ColorsPearl White & Arctic BluePearl White & Arctic Blue
Opcional ColorsCrystal WhiteCrystal White
Overall Dimensions91"L × 56.7"W × 80.7"H91"L × 56.7"W × 80.7"H
Recommended Room Size9.5 ft. × 9.5 ft9.5 ft. × 9.5 ft
Shipping Weight1,000 lbs.1,000 lbs.