How can new and existing salons professionals gain years of business experience in less than half the time? By becoming a licensee of a large salon chain. License agreements are gaining popularity in the indoor tanning industry for good reason – they give Salon owners the benefits of the corporate chain’s years of experience, while still leaving the licensee some room for individuality. Plus, licensing fees are generally reasonable. For those who want to take their salon business to the next level, it’s an option to consider.

Every salon professional wants to be a success the day they open their doors. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not that easy. There’s a learning process everyone must naturally go through before they’re able to make the most revenue possible. However, becoming a licensee to a large salon chain is one way to take a giant shortcut to success – thriving salon chains have already completed that learning curve, and they’ve developed a successful business model in the process.

All of this experience is immediately available to salon professionals who choose to become a licensee of a successful salon chain.

By john P. Ribner

First tanning salon 1995

The first Solarium Center opened in Caracas, Venezuela back in 1995, introducing in the market a revolutionary concept in self-improvement, and thru well-planed Marketing and Advertising Strategies achieved success, opening 20 Salons in that country. Thru the years, it has extended its franchises to Chile, Mexico, Colombia and into the US.

In 2000, the headquarters was re-located to Miami, Florida to serve both the US and the Latin-American market. We’ve opened the first impressive facility in this City, and are tanning a large number of people a day. This facility is to serve as a showroom for further openings in the US.

Our company has developed important knowledge in the Indoor Tanning Industry, such as:

1.- How to set up a Salon with the best Cost-Efficiency ratio, with-out reducing customers satisfaction. Our president expertise helped a lot in this issue, since he obtained a Degree as a Civil Engineer and a Specialization in Finances.

2.- What is the best Price-Value ratio in the tanning equipment sold today, according to target location, considering: Return on Investment, Maintenance Expenses and Potential Competitors.

3.- How to install and run an “Intelligent Salon”, completely computerized, and with biometric thumbprint reader for employees and customers, avoiding theft.

4.- How to Market and Advertise locally with minimum funds, right before opening, being able to generate sales immediately.

5.- How to train your staff, allowing them to become Skin Consultants as well as Sales Experts.

6.- How to look for loans to buy the equipment. Complete Analysis Loan Vs. Buy.

7.- Precise study about Equipment Depreciation and necessary monetary reserves.

8.- How to obtain benefits from the chain Power of Purchase, obtaining discounts up to 30% in some cases, when purchasing: Lotions, Lamps and Beds

LICENSE FEE: $ 20,000
MAINTENANCE FEE: $ 200 / month

What is included in the initial fee???

1.- License to use the Brand

2.- Store Set up consulting, Electrical, Architectural, A/C, Costs, Decor

3.- Region Exclusiveness – defined per location

4.- Business “Know How”

5.- Operations Manual, Sales Manual, Decor Manual

6.- Depreciation Chart

7.- Staff training - videos and tests

8.- Software Installation and training

9.- On line tech-support

10.- Permanent consulting

11.- Advertising Material Images-Solarium Official Images CD

12.- Location selection, personnel recruiting techniques

13.- Inclusion in the franchise advertisement campaign worldwide

14.- Salon posters, Interior Vinyl designs.

15.- Official Uniform Stitched T-Shirts

16.- 20% DISCOUNT ON TANNING BEDS: approx. $1,500 less per bed

17.- PERMANENT LOTION DISCOUNT OF 25%: totaling approx. $ 5,000 /year

18.- In general, the Step by Step procedure for the Start-up, making everything right from the beginning, gaining valuable time and thus maximizing resources before opening.

SC License Agreement Information

1.- Read carefully all the information contained in this site. Prepare a list of further questions to be discussed with your Sales Rep.

2.- Continue to work with your Sales Rep getting to know better Solarium Center and its business potential in your area. Read the proposed Investment Plan. Decide if this is an appropriate moment for you to own a Solarium Center.

3.- Ask the form FREQI REV 0700 - E from your Sales Rep. Send it back by mail to our Headquarters in Florida. It contains questions about your own profile, which we will maintain confidential, but will help us know you better. Sending this information sets no obligations between the parties. We will study your credit record and financial options.

4.- Initial Fee payment. Then we will go ahead and make final comments on the selected location, also we will set, with your help, all final costs and any other particular feature that may be needed.

5.- Financial Planning. Let’s sit down and talk it over and over, until all scenarios have been revised, so we know exactly how and when to allocate the funds.

6.- New Salon Design. Send us the store layouts in order to help you design the tanning rooms, according to size requirements. Find out at your local City Hall if it is required to have a set of Plans signed by a registered Architect.

7.- Final Revision and Approval. For the last time we will go over each detail contained on the layouts to make sure we are making everything at our reach in order to succeed.

8.- Prove of funds availability. Please send us prove, such as Bank Statements, of existence of the funds required to open the Salon and working capital for the first 3 months.

9.- Begin Building. We proceed and order the tanning equipment, software and other peripherals required along with your full payment.

10.- Training. All personnel must be trained; at this point we decide where should that take place. Tests are given along with Certification Manuals. An aggressive Marketing campaign starts to be planned.

11.- Grand-Opening.