Solarweave™ SPF fabric construction
Blocks greater than 99.8% of harmful UV rays for up to 100 hours.
Manufacturer of Solarweave™ makes fabrics used by NASA

Mask Construction:

Two ply gives extra UV protection
Elastic straps secure mask for stand-up units
Rigilene boning pulls mask away from face allowing air circulation and easier breathi allowing air circulation and easier breathing
Random Hawaiian prints
Hand wash to preserve integrity of rigelene boning and insure longevity of mask.


Made from UV resistant plastisol with added
UV inhibitors
Simply slide caps on fingers and protect your expensive nail treatments from turning yellow while tanning.
The FIRST and BEST guard against nail yellowing and deterioration.
Packaged in a re-sealable plastic bag.
Individual packet includes 11 caps.
Reusable, one size fits all.
Quick, easy, and comfortable


Now that so many women are choosing French Pedicures, we are offering TOESavers, the NAILSavers™ “Expansion Pack” for toes.

Each pack contains 2 large yellow caps that fit the big toes and 8 smaller caps that fit the remaining toes. (same Sizing Tips apply)
Made from the same industrial strength plastisol with UV blocking inhibitors.
Reusable, one size fits all.