Australian Gold® Laser SprayTans™ System

The Australian Gold® Laser SprayTans™ System has redefined sunless tanning with the world’s first laser targeted Spray-on Tanning System. No other system guarantees the lowest overspray, most accurate body detailing and drip free applications.

The world’s only Laser Guided™ sunless system for perfect detail.

Unique gravity feed, low psi, HVLP soft spr



1/8 H.P. Compressor for Hobby or Craft use. Compressor will deliver 20 PSI with most model airbruses





1/10 HP compressor is economical and suitable for all airbrushes spraying properly thinned fluids at approximately 20 psi working pressure. It is an oil-less diaphragm unit and comes with a grounded 3 wire cord. For operation of one airbrush at a time.





1/8 hp oilless diaphragm compressor is a tank mounted unit, designed for compactness and portability. The sturdy air tank stores reserve air volume and reduces pulsation. Air pressure in the tank is regulated with an automatic on/off limit switch to a maxim of 40 psi. tank pressure, 20 psi working pressure.