U7 Token Timer

Universal usable coin operated timer.
Four-digit LED-Display.
Full electronic maintenance free coin validation.
Acceptance of up to 11 coin sorts.
Start- and stop-input.
Input to switch to 2. price.
Key operated switch for free use (option).
Two relay with changeover contacts.
External button to enable the connected device for 5 seconds (option).
Acoustical signal to announce the last minute (option).
Credit time digitally adjustable.
Display of the remaining time or money.
Throw-in of coins at any time (adjustable).
Coin-set freely programmable.
Electronic cash audit.
Extra token counter.
Made in Germany.

The universal timer UT 7 allows to sale time in dependence on the amount of money thrown in. It is practical as timer for solarium, showers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, car wash etc.. The timer contains a memory for data entry (e.g. coin valency, time to amount rates ...). In case of power failure these data will be recovered after the next power on.