A buck booster is a necessary item for proper bed performance! Tanning bed electronics and equipment are extremely sensitive and electrical voltages can vary depending on your location. A Buck Booster is a transformer which adjusts the electrical voltage (bucking=decreasing voltage or boosting=increasing voltage) so that your equipment operates properly and lasts longer.

Voltage must be below 230 VAC or a Buck Booster will be required for proper performance of your tanning bed. Electrical requirements for each tanning bed are listed at the bottom of each of our tanning beds pages. If you do not know what your voltage is and do not know how to check it, please have an electrician check it for you. For questions, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Available buck booster kilovolt amperages:

 .5 KVA
.75 KVA
1.0 KVA
1.5 KVA
2.0 KVA