We offers a variety of tanning bed lamps and tanning bed replacement bulbs with different UVA and UVB blends. You will feel the difference when your tanning bed is equipped with the highest quality sun tanning lamps in the indoor tanning industry.

Wolff® Diagram

[1] Electrons from the electrode travel at high speed colliding with the electrons from a mercury atom [2] knocking the mercury electron out of its orbit [3]. When it snaps back into place, UV rays are produced [4]. When the UV rays reach specially designed phosphor coated glass [5] visible light as well as specific UV light is produced to reach your skin for the maximum UV allowed.

FDA Policy on Lamp Compatibility

(September, 1986) Replacement lamps must be as effective as the original lamps, ±10%, in causing erythema and melanogenesis.

The below picture represents the 2 types of possible ends for the lamps. Please call and let us help you match the correct lamps for your tanning bed.