The knowledge is useless unless can be shared. If your clients appreciate the Status of your personnel, once this formally has been trained in as to manage professionally a Tanning Salon, they will respect you more than to the competion. The respect, logically, is translated in long-term financial success. It is for this that we encourage it, weather You are the owner of the Salon, user of a team in a Center of Esthetics or an employee, to read the Manual of Procedures prepared by the International Network of Tanned indoors "Smarttan" with headquarters in US, and subsequently to present the test that we will send you by mail and to obtain the Certificate of sufficiency that accredits it as the professional in the administration of Ultraviolet light. This course can be the most important tool of marketing that you will have at your service.

The Manual possesses 7 Chapters that cover the following aspects:

- History of the Tanned.
- The UV rays and the process of tanned.
- UV rays and Health.
- Minimizing the risks from.
- Over exposion.
- Different Tanned equipment.
- Laws that regulate the Industry of indoors tanned.
- Key to make your salon more professional.

Cost of individual certification: U.S. $99.00 + Shipment to your country.

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